As part of the development of the Atlantic Link project, an energy solicitation process has been initiated. This process is intended to result in the selection of energy sources to be bundled with transmission service on the Atlantic Link, for offer into an anticipated clean energy RFP to be conducted for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts starting in early 2017.
Power Advisory LLC has been engaged as an independent administrator, and to provide assurance to proponents and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as to the fairness and transparency of activities related to the Atlantic Link energy solicitation.
Until April 12, 2017, Emera will receive proposals from qualified parties willing to offer energy for purposes of establishing a bundled offer into the Massachusetts RFP.
Interested parties can register by completing a Registration Form. Upon registration, qualified parties will be able to access information about the energy solicitation including a description of the project and its approach to providing access to the New England market for non-emitting electricity generation.

Proposals will be evaluated and ranked based on the following considerations: offered price for sale of energy; evaluated cost of energy to the Atlantic Link terminus in New Brunswick, cost to firm the energy offered, maximization of the utilization of the transmission capability of the Atlantic Link, firmness of energy, energy source and resource mix, the proponent’s capacity to deliver the energy offer, financial capability and relevant experience, the proponent’s plans for community engagement and environmental approval plan, and the likelihood of successful execution of an Indigenous People’s declaration and plan.